WorldWide Murals is today’s leading mural company.

Doron Viner founder of WorldWide Murals is a professional artist for more than 20 years. Worldwide Murals has many achievements including restaurants, stores, schools, theme parks, adventure parks, shopping malls, private homes and many more. One of Worldwide Murals latest achievements is a 4-mile long mural which went into Guinness World Record as the largest mural ever done. Worldwide Murals had also appeared on the TV show Extreme
Makeover as the main mural artist, helping the unfortunate to rebuild their life with colorful murals in their homes.

Our innovation, cutting-edge and tailored designs makes every art project astonishing. We comply with the latest standards of designs so every mural stand out and makes a great impression. Our artwork projects bring the wall to life!

Businesses from all over the world reach out to WorldWide Murals so that their business will stand out and be different from the rest.

Take a journey through WorldWide Murals amazing artwork gallery.